Лидери във вкусовите иновации

Да бъдем етични, за да постигнем устойчив растеж

Our first priority is to guarantee that our products reach the highest standards of both safety and quality. That is why we have developed our own internal quality standards as well as signing up to the Global Food Safety Initiative (see www.mygfsi.com for more details). Accredited experts assess our entire production process, from raw material to packaged product, to ensure all aspects comply with the strictest standards.

We pride ourselves on the way we continually improve our products and recipes, to guarantee we are using natural and high quality ingredients, manufactured using the latest scientific knowledge. We also understand that our impact on the world goes beyond the provision of delicious snacks, and we therefore set challenging goals for responsibility and sustainability.

On another level, we believe that profit-oriented growth and contributions to lasting social development go hand in hand. A core element of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity is working in partnership with raw material suppliers to support them systematically improving the social, environmental and ethical quality of their production processes and products. We work closely with relevant partners to ensure that our activities help improve the working and living conditions of all involved, as well as strengthening our common business.

We also follow rules set by The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), an alliance of companies, trade unions and voluntary organisations. The members of this alliance work together in a partnership to improve the lives of those workers who manufacture or grow consumer goods. Any form of forced labour and child labour is rejected, and all practices that exploit human beings or expose them to health-endangering and hazardous conditions are condemned.
We have set ourselves challenging targets regarding care of the environment, which we meet through a multitude of projects that are pursued with great dedication. We are committed to lowering our energy and water consumption, to reducing the amount of packaging we use and to minimising the waste and pollution we create. All of our CSR activities are regularly monitored and measured to ensure they are achieving a positive result.
Moreover we aim to conduct our operations openly, based on the principles of fair business practices, trust and integrity. Adherence to these principles is something we expect of all employees and all those with whom we do business.

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